Milongas in Lisbon

Milongas in Lisbon

We recommend that you contact the organizers before visiting any listed milonga.

What is a milonga?

The word milonga has three meanings.

First, the milonga is the social event and the place where someone can dance tango. In other words, a milonga is the tango party. The people who dance at milongas are known as milongueros. Whoever wants to dance tango goes to a milonga.

Second, a milonga is a style of tango. Despite using the same basic elements, is normally faster and less complex. The milonga tends to give a greater emphasis on the music rhythm. The dancers should try to maintain their bodies relaxed. Since it’s syncopated, the pauses aren’t done.

There are two distinct styles of milonga: milonga lisa and milonga con traspie. In the milonga lisa (simple milonga), dancers step on each beat of the music. In the milonga con traspie, dancers must transfer their body weight from one foot to another, in a double beat of the milonga music.

Finally, milonga is a distinct musical genre. The milonga distinguishes itself by a faster beat, requiring a faster response from the dancers.

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