Tango classes in LisbonTango classes in Lisbon

Tango classes in Lisbon are held on those locations:
19.30h - 20.30hOpen LevelBUS - Paragem Cultural,
R. Maria 73, Anjos
* For private tango classes please contact us by phone or by email.


~BUS - Paragem Cultural~
Monthly payment
One class per week 40€
Jump in class 15€

* New dance season and group dance classes already started
inscriptions are open.


Beginner Tango Classes:

In this class you’ll learn the basic fundaments of argentine tango, which will prepare you to step onto the dance floor and progress to the next level of classes. Pre-requisite: None

Intermediate Tango Classes:

In this class you’ll learn variations of the basic structure and get deeper into tango dancing. It will be given to you tools and support to find your own variations and improve your technique and connection with the partner. Pre-requisite: four/five months of beginner tango classes.

Advanced Tango Classes:

In this class you’ll explore the structure, technique, style, connection, musicality, variation and improvisation in the dance. This will allow you to further develop your personal style, while at the same time you gain a deeper understanding of the elements of the Argentine Tango.

Private Tango Lessons:

For people who are beginning to learn tango, private classes may be an excellent way to feel confident enough with the absolute basics of the dance before they join group classes. And in no time they will feel capable and confident to dance in milongas. For the ones who already have some experience dancing tango, private lessons are a way to work through specific technical problems, some detail to enhance or something to refine and further explore, or simply to make them recognize bad habits and correct them before they become dancing vices. Also, the Argentine Tango is a beautiful, sensual, intimate dance, which makes it the perfect choice for your wedding.
Please contact us for more info about rates and availability for wedding choreographies, shows, group private lessons and workshops.