A selection of tango links and tango resources
for fans of Tango Argentino


  • Todotango
  • www.todotango.com
    Offers information on dance and music. Also features songs and lyrics from astor Piazzolla, Eva Peron, Carlos Gardel, covers the history, and provides lessons.

  • Forever Tango
  • www.forevertango.us
    The Internationally acclaimed tour de force created by Luis Bravo. The show features a world-renowed, all Argentine cast which brings an absolutely unique excitement and passion to the stage.

  • Comme il Faut tango shoes
  • www.commeilfaut.com.ar
    The best ladies shoes to Tango.

  • Tango Festivals
  • www.tangofestivals.net
    Tango Festivals worldwide - information about tango festivals worldwide.

  • Tango DJ Carlos César Giana
  • www.carlostangodj.com/
    Argentino based in Barcelona since 2002, received the cultural legacy of tango.
    Since 1989 explores the roots of tango through radio, festivals and milongas.

  • Tango Info
  • www.tango.info
    Tango.info since 2004: music, CDs, events, festivals, shoes, composers, lyricists, singers, teachers, DJs, videos.

  • Roman's Argentine Tango Links
  • www.tangolinks.romanvirdi.com
    Roman's Argentine Tango Links

  • Mil Milongas
  • www.milmilongas.com
    Mil Milongas - a place for meeting and communication for passionate Tango people. Milongas around the world, festivals, musicians, dancers.