Adam Vucetic

Adam Vucetic

Adam Vucetic was born in the 24th December of 1976 in Belgrade, Serbia. Professional dancer, choreographer and tango teacher with international recognition is the founder, president and teacher of the international Argentine tango school Pasiontango, which currently is based in Lisbon. He’s a member of the International Dance Organization (IDO), of the World Dance Council (WDC) and International Dance Judge, licensed by the WDC.

With experience teaching students of all levels and ages, is versatile and has knowledge in several dance languages as a teacher, dancer and choreographer. Very dedicated and motivated, always tries to create in his classes a relaxed and, at the same time, professional environment. He emphasizes the importance of the contact between the dancers, elegance and style, investing in a solid and structured evolution, so that they can understand the Tango in its formal aspect of a dance technique with its different codes and languages and its social aspect that acts as a leisure source.

He started his dance studies with classic ballet while he was still a child, showing an extraordinary talent in the scenic arts, which led to his participation in several art groups. Later on he became a ball room and Latin American dancer, and for five years danced flamenco, with Olga Valentic as his mentor, discovering and finding himself then with Argentine Tango, beginning his training and studies with Laszlo Budai & Banhidi Petra (World Champions of Tango in 2002 -IDO) and later on with Guillermo Merlo & Fernanda Ghi, Pablo Veron, Jorge Dispari and Maria del Carmen, Carlos Perez and Rosa Forte in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In 2002 started his activity as an Argentine Tango teacher, the same year that, as a choreographer, he won the silver medal in the Serbian Figure Skating Championship.

Since then he has entered several festivals and made several tango shows, as well as teached courses and workshops of tango in many European countries like Serbia, Spain, Portugal and Italy. In 2005 won the 1st place in the Fist Tango Championship of Belgrade (SCGAPO, TSSCG y Ángel Coria), the 1st prize in the Argentine Tango Championship of Belgrade (BSSP), the 3rd Prize in the New Year Championship (Loznica, Serbia, SCGAPO) and represented Serbia in the European Argentine Tango Championship in Seefeld, Austria and in the World Argentine Tango Championship in Eboli, Italy. In the same year he founded in Belgrade the school Pasiontango, working there until 2007, year in which it was transferred to Lisbon, continuing its activity in the Portuguese capital. In Lisbon as in other Portuguese cities has organized several courses and workshops, as well as milongas and practicas, many of them happening with a monthly, fortnightly or weekly regularity (i.e. Milonga da Bica, Milonga do Bairro, Práctica Lx, Noites de Tango at the restaurant La Moneda, etc.).

To highlight in his recent artistic path are the following activities: tango dance exhibition with Cláudia Bonazzi at the International Tango Festival - New Emotion - From Tango to the World, in November of 2010 in Italy; tango dance exhibition with Luna Palacios at the Milonga no “Steps", Lisbon, in August of 2011; participation as a jury at the IDC WDC World Championship 2011, category of Argentine Tango in Florence, Italy, in February of 2011.