Archive of milongas organized by the tango school PasiontangoMilongas Archive


Since the school Pasiontango exists it has organized many milongas, some regular and some sporadic to celebrate some special date or event. Some of this regular milongas where extinct or transferred to new locations, but they still remain in the memory of the ones who used attend them.

In this page you can consult the milongas archive, see photos and descriptions of them and maybe remember great moments spent dancing and socializing at the sound of tango music.

  • Milonga do Bairro

  • Milonga in Chapito

  • Milonga on the Martim Moniz square

  • Milonga La Moneda

  • Milonga Da Bica

  • Milonga in BUS

  • Milonga in Ginjal

  • See Milongas in Lisbon.